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i take valium, valium, lots of valium

I spent the night at my bosses R and L again. Except this time Lindsey got a puppy pit bull and I spent most of the night playing with "Panda" instead of doing my paper. But it was finished in the morning. We watched some movies, complained.

In the morning Lindsey and I went to go pay my ticket, but the officer had not sent it through yet, so I am to wait and call often next week. However, if he does not get it sent through by the 11th of October, then I may or may not have to pay it. Or they can bring a prosecuter in to a hearing or whatever. Who cares? I get to dress up. 

After that we headed to Target and I bought some jackets, and [The Wild] DVD. Lindsey grabbed a 120 dollar knife set off the shelf and returned it to customer service with a receipt. 

Now I am tired, so very tired. Yet, I still have two classes. Philosophy @ 5:30 and Psychology @ 7:00. Then out of here by 8:20, and home around 9:00 to do laundry and sleep. Then work, then a test, then a lab, then home, then sleep, then class, then work, then another paper, then blah blah bblah;sjfhajsbh


*pats you on the shoulder* I know how ya feel...the only time i get free time is on 2 days and pretty much at night when i stay up late watching shows other then that, work and school @~@
i take valium, valium, lots of valium

December 2006

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