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Acid junkie, college flunking dirty puppy daddy bastard.

“I think I’ll get a cheaper ticket next, it wasn’t worth the ride.”
I am writing this entry while waiting for Carol, and I hope it turns out to be a real one-a multi paragraphed account of myself. Who knew that I could run out of words to describe my life? Hmm, I must update my user info sometime soon-it should contain current information and such.

C’mon Carol, I’m getting cold. Oh, so I tagged an extra 5 hours on this coming Thursday which is good when you are low on cash around Christmas time. I think I only will get certain people gifts this year, and that includes family members. The cost of pretending that an acquaintance is a friend has gone up. Only those who I truly love will be blessed with a bauble ranging in cost from 15 to 25 dollars.

My semester is winding down and finals start Saturday and I have one Monday and two on Tuesday. The weekday exams are the ones I am prepared for. Not so much for the Saturday class. I have to touch up Lab 3, do Lab 4 and 5, reprint HW 2, and resend HW 3, and then that is all. The assignments I am not turning in will cost me 150 points leaving me with a B to start with, but overall I should end up with an unenthusiastic C.

Carol and I had a glamour session tonight in psychology. Oh, and I ran into a an old hospital pal today at 7 Eleven.

textbookproofs (9:40:01 PM): i spent today at work thinking about the history of mopping. mr. clean's low point in life must have been mopping, and the pinsol bitch only made it worse. then he got addicted to H and became green arrows sidekick.

curbyourentropy (9:40:19 PM): you're such a writer.


i take valium, valium, lots of valium

December 2006

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