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Sep. 2nd, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

(no subject)

my hair is amazing. plat. blonde with black. and spiked. 

oh, my "sisters forever" icon is from me and T'wons girl fucking around on some guys blog. 
he post how he has not gotten a comment since June 24th. so me and her left him a hundred of a fake fight as two young wiggers. 

some quotes from it- in random order:(notice the irony)

choke on my genital warts

Yeah, well your manicure looks liek crap.
Did you do it yourself?

at least i get all the boy with my milkshake. ho. you only get to spread your legs at the doctors office. you slut. 

dude, I found this cum bucket first, I get to piss him off. Stop stealing all my shit.

hey they are only underweight by 20 lbs each and well they have a high matabolism. i feed them ramen

this is my cum hungry bitch.

Their reply was:

whatever, you know I was the one who Googled "penis face" and found this journal, not you.

how did you find out my age? and i love my kids, they provide me wit social security money. i get a weave for free off those fuckers.

Their reply was:

way to be an econimic parasite.

these french tips rock.
they cost only a dolla per hand from the ice cream man and the neon unicorns and diamond insets make me look like a
shooooow stopppaa
shooooow stopppaa
shooooow stopppaa

no all i need is money for a rainbow cadilac.

and my nana saiz she wil pay for my grillz and all

Their reply was:

Psh my nana is getting me a boob job. top that.

you need it. \
looking like a boy with bitch tits.
ill pop ur titties with my car

me and my girls will being doing things that girls dont do wit \chu

very funny bitch, very fucking funny, you and me at morca's house friday at 8. if you got the clit, you'll be there

Their reply was:

morca? You know morca aint your homegurl. She's mine, we's tight and she's got my back. She aint lettin you be a mutha fuckin hobag up in her crib.

im gettin a GED

Their reply was:

yeah, just like you was gettin of that crack huh?

Aug. 28th, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

i have a headache from a lack of sleep

today was my first day as a college student. expect the following activities to be posted in my blog from now on.

-random sex stories
-frisbie golf
-idealistic political rants
-ramen recipes
-how laundering your clothes while in a bath, saves time and money
-protests, and petitions
-a new subculture
-drug expirimentation

i only took one class for monday's and it is speech. the teacher is talkative and very liberal. which are both a plus.

tomorrow is my psych and philo class, then saturday i've got comp-sci.

ps, i have decided to purge some entries from my lj, and check out myspace in about 6 hours.

Aug. 26th, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

omg this is great, stupid quotes

"i want to live until i die. no more, no less" eddie izzard, action-tranvestite-comedian.(this was meant to be stupid/funny)


"i think i may be a little athiest." - my coworker at silver lake marina.


"you know what we did with the Japanese during WWII?"
"well we should do that with the Muslims! we should round them up and encamp them, and reprogram them until they are not Muslim anymore. we should eradicate Islam."
"you can't do that, that is genocide. that is one of the 'reasons' we invade Iraq"
"well genocide sounds ok in this instance, the Islamic religion teaches hate"
and i was all, "o rly?"
and he was all, "yeah"
then i walked off in disgust.

^ another coworker, this time at albertson's


oh, here is another from a disfferent coworker.

"ok, i wrapped up this meat for a middleeastern couple at a discount, they will be back to get it."
"you can't give discounts!, you dumbass."
"well give it to them. i don't want to look like a racist." odd look on my face, "no!, seriously, i've beaten up a guy for using the n-word before"

Aug. 18th, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

SoaP Rocked My Mutha' Fuckin' Socks

yes it did, and i was the only one to sing along at the end...so sad, but hey i got compliments for having the video and music on my way out.

Aug. 16th, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium


since i got phone calls about my last post and such, i will skip the description of my last two evenings. but i did get a bruise.

i go up to select courses tomorrow my loans went through.
cleaning, and doing laundry right now.

dl'ed the SoaP soundtrack. i love cobra starship, and the other 3 bands that collab'ed for the "Snakes on a Plane (Bring it)" hit. and "teddybears remix"---teddybear sthlm?

when times are hard sell your medications to pay the best buy credit card. and donate plasma for a textbook and a 1/2.

wtf is up with wmp, since when did shuffle mean skip every other song?

Now you got me on my knees
This will be the death to me
Tic tac, time goes by, hits me so suddenly
How you knock me off my feet
I'm the Queen of Apologys

and i a, (am) i backspaced several times but that typo remained. another fragement. before i go.

nate reed.

Aug. 8th, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

(no subject)

textbookproofs (11:52:37 PM): oh, and after i clocked out i and went to the break room to relax...and i somehow asked the question..."would helen keller scream rape or sign it?" and now the south park thanksgiving special is on
tangoxcharlie (11:53:21 PM): how well did she speak?
textbookproofs (11:53:27 PM): sort of..
tangoxcharlie (11:53:36 PM): I think she would just scream
textbookproofs (11:53:40 PM): lol
tangoxcharlie (11:53:53 PM): maybe not "rape" but just scream
textbookproofs (11:53:56 PM): 10101010101010101010 rawrrr
textbookproofs (11:54:13 PM): i like how i get real responses to this question
tangoxcharlie (11:54:21 PM): or maybe she cant do anything
tangoxcharlie (11:54:28 PM): just shut up and get raped
textbookproofs (11:54:35 PM): aww
tangoxcharlie (11:54:43 PM): yeah
tangoxcharlie (11:55:01 PM): she's probably trained in the martial arts
tangoxcharlie (11:55:14 PM): to make up for her difficulties in communication
textbookproofs (11:55:25 PM): a kick ass mute
tangoxcharlie (11:55:35 PM): precisely
textbookproofs (11:55:53 PM): like kill bill but more drama
tangoxcharlie (11:56:08 PM): and less dialogue
textbookproofs (11:56:14 PM): lol
textbookproofs (11:56:22 PM): she would rock at im
tangoxcharlie (11:56:28 PM): duuuude
tangoxcharlie (11:56:31 PM): yes
tangoxcharlie (11:56:35 PM): she'd love it
tangoxcharlie (11:57:34 PM): her myspace would probably rule too
textbookproofs (11:57:37 PM): but she was also blind
tangoxcharlie (11:57:45 PM): oh
tangoxcharlie (11:57:47 PM): damn
tangoxcharlie (11:57:49 PM): forgot
textbookproofs (11:57:51 PM): so she would have to have her mom read the im's
textbookproofs (11:57:59 PM): which would suck with cyber sex
tangoxcharlie (11:58:02 PM): her sidekick
tangoxcharlie (11:58:05 PM): haha
textbookproofs (11:58:11 PM): lol
tangoxcharlie (11:58:18 PM): "ok helen listen, now he says..."
tangoxcharlie (11:58:48 PM): but she's deaf
tangoxcharlie (11:59:03 PM): so she'd have to sign it to her
textbookproofs (11:59:06 PM): she was...?
textbookproofs (11:59:14 PM): that bitch was useless
tangoxcharlie (11:59:19 PM): deaf blind and dumb
textbookproofs (11:59:19 PM): but she was blind
textbookproofs (11:59:25 PM): ahh
tangoxcharlie (11:59:25 PM): blind
textbookproofs (12:00:53 AM): damn, and she was from alabama
textbookproofs (12:01:43 AM): Portrayals of Helen Keller A silent film, Deliverance (not to be mistaken for the other, much later and more famous movie Deliverance which is unrelated to Keller) first told Keller's story.[1]
textbookproofs (12:01:57 AM): i love the side note
tangoxcharlie (12:02:48 AM): yeah
tangoxcharlie (12:03:15 AM): (not the other movie that people actually watched)
textbookproofs (12:04:01 AM): haha, and the one with sodomy
tangoxcharlie (12:04:57 AM): oh really?
tangoxcharlie (12:05:03 AM): I havent seen it
textbookproofs (12:05:51 AM): well it is famous for a scene where they get raped, and are forced to squeel
tangoxcharlie (12:06:09 AM): who's they?
textbookproofs (12:06:19 AM): the hill billy folk
textbookproofs (12:06:25 AM): the squid billies
tangoxcharlie (12:06:41 AM): oh of course
textbookproofs (12:07:07 AM): well i am going to bed, and this is going on lj.
textbookproofs (12:07:09 AM): night

Aug. 4th, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

(no subject)

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Jul. 23rd, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

4 (interrupted by 9 hours) days off, day 3

strangers with candy complete series
clerks 2 twice

that is why i am so damn tired, that and i forgot my night time meds twice
bought my nieces birthday gifts, i want to keep the chest of crayola crap


Jul. 17th, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

same old same old

sure enough, nothing's changed
still eating pills in the morning and at night
got my budget together
writing more
that is all, short and sweet

Jun. 29th, 2006

i take valium, valium, lots of valium

(no subject)

i got mad, cut down a tree with a box cutter and burned shit with izzy.
going to get fireworks tomorrow.

i love cazwell, and amanda lepore.

i masturbated til my ky faded,
oh, look im exhausticated,

it's all over your face,
tell how does it taste,
when the lights go whoomp,
and your head goes down,
don't let a drop go to waste

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