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i take valium, lots of valium, valium

8 hours of overtime...and more shit to come.

I love [relentlessly cunty]. That queen sure know how to crank out a song to jack-off to...erhmm. 

So..... I quit work last Thursday by walking out and not saying a word. I went home and slept for 3 and a half hours. Then I reurturned the phone calls from my bosses; and well it turns out that I will be getting a raise, and the Butcher Block Supervisior posistion soon. That is when my ass got out of bed and reutrned to work to grovel, and such. And I turned down an offer to snort some meth. That is me sober. He snorted it at work, because he did not have a pipe, or glass to hotline the shit. 

Work has been easy, although yesterday (Sunday I mean) was my fifth day working, and today is going to be the sixth, and I have no day off until this Thursday. I am tired, but had homework, and a TAMAGOTCHI! I think this is AMp numer 3, Vault number...shit 10 out of 12, and finally (drumroll) coffee cup 8. Just typing this makes me want to pee, put on deodorant, and brush my teeth. 

I have a Philosophy paper due Thursday, and it will be written Thrusday when I wake up. (The paper, is to state, and explain the Teleological Argument, and to list the objects, and give our opinion). I have an Etymology paper due next Monday and it shall be done when I have the time over the weekend, as well as any notes that need to be typed. However, tomorrow, after work and a shower, I must take a test before Speech class at seven. 

Oh, and my Philo. Prof. actually found me some books that argue for the choice of suicide, or at least attempt, to validate it as a choice, so I will be reading alot more. BUT, my final exam schedule is as follows:

Speech- Oct. 9th
Philosophy- Oct 12th (Bluebook)
Psychology- ??? (When the material is covered)
Computer Science (Oct. 14th)

So expect me to post some random thoughts and facts and rants during that time period. 

Also, I must pay my ticket on a day I have off next week, with a proof of Insurance...i.e. call the insurance company and get a copy of the paperwork. 

Peace out, 
And suck my clit,

OH, I need a drag-queen name, for when I go to Afterlife.


I heard afterlife sucks.

We're talking anout the club right? My friends say it sucks.
i take valium, lots of valium, valium

December 2006

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